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Laundry equipment sales and service in Russia

The Novel Group: dry cleaning machines and laundry equipment in Russia.

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Welcome to the Russian web-site of The Novel Group company. The head office of the company is located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We deal with the delivery of professional equipment for laundries and dry-cleaning. Our company consists of several firms located in different parts of Russia. Each firm works in its geographical region. Among all the companies entering the Novel Group there are two which supply professional kitchen equipment for restaurants, dining-rooms, public catering and fast-food. Our main aim is to secure stable work of laundries, restaurants and hotels.
As You can see the menu of brands is left below. We work with a great number of brands and factories producing laundry equipment. Why are they many? Because such an approach lets us form more flexible solutions of our clients’ tasks. Many, even big producers of laundry equipment do not make all the types of equipment. The flexibility of forming of the equipment set under our client's need is very important: industrial washing machine from one factory in the USA, drying machine from another in Czech Republic. Steam-manikins from Italy, calenders from China, ironing boards from Germany. At founding a laundry it is very important to fulfil the tasks facing our clients.

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The company ''Novel Group'' occupies a leading position in its sector. Our narrow specialization and a big number of suppliers let us create the most flexible solutions for our clients. We select for the client the equipment he needs. The Novel Group – only best is enoughIn our catalogue the full spectrum of necessary techniques is presented: professional washing machines, drum dryers, ironing rolls and calenders, steam generators and steam-manikins, ironing boards and stain removing tables, barrier washing machines, packing techniques, dry cleaning machines as well as hand carts, racks, tabs and production tables. The company ''Novel Group'' is a team of professionals in the field of composite technological equipment for laundries and dry-cleaning. That’s what represents our company at this moment. We supply to Russia more than 70 brands. All in all 1437 projects are realized. Among these projects: are projected and fitted up laundries: 140 pc;  are projected and fitted up kitchens for restaurants: 84 pc; are projected and fitted up kitchens for cafe: 678. Representations in the Russian Federation: 7 sale offices and service bureaus.
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The Novel Group supplies techniques of the production of Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain, USA, Czech Republic, China, Russia, Poland, Turkey and is ready to offer equipments of the following producers of laundry equipments: Electrolux, GoldFist, Asko, Primus, Fagor, Miele, Unimac, Girmau, Bowe, ReinMaster, Imesa, LG, SailStar, Alliance, Firbimatic, ItalClean, Union. Among ironing and auxiliary equipments: Holek, GMP, MIE, Pfaf, Battistella, Ghidini, Pony, Sidi, Hawo, CKT, Oldoak, Scale, Massa-K, CAS, Pamilas and many others. The producer's guarantee applies to all the equipments. The wide assortment is able to satisfy any need, leaving to solve just one problem – the problem of choice, the solution of which You can always find with our managers, who You can call with the indicated telephone number or just leave an application on the site. 

The company “Novel Group” provides its clients with delivery, installation, adjustment, launch, warranty and post-warranty service. Our profile is: professional laundry equipment and professional kitchen equipment.  

A big quantity of laundry equipment types exists. Here are some of them.



TheNovel Group Washers     

Professional washing machines


The given type of equipment is presented widely and in detail by us. Industrial washing machines are large size machines, able to wash 15-100 kg linen at a session. The machines are extremely various. The number of models is big.

More in detail – in the section:
Industrial washing machines










TheNovel Group DryCleaning      Dry-cleaning machines


A specific big equipment, realizing the process of dry-cleaning of clothes. The given machines wash clothes not with water, but with solvent. There are several types of such solvent. They remove the dirty spots which water is unable to. Such kind of machines are placed in laundries and at hotels, render services for population.

More in detail – in the section:
Dry-cleaning machines









TheNovel Group Barrier Washer     

Barrier washing machines

Such kind of washing machines are placed in laundries at hospitals, laboratories. Barrier washing machines are placed between two buildings: the building where the linen is loaded and the building where the clean linen is unloaded after having been washed. The unusual form of the machine allows to provide disinfection and quarantine of dirty linen.

More in detail – in the section:
Barrier washing machines






TheNovel Group Dryers      Professional drying machines for linen


Drying drums for linen dry the linen after washing. Hot weather penetrates into the chamber where the linen is whirling. The heating of air, as in all the other machines for laundries, may pass from electricity, steam and gas. At using steam a big economy of money on heating is achieved, as in big institutions there is often free of charge steam from the boiler house.

More in detail – in the section:
Professional drying machines for linen






TheNovel Group Professional ironing machine     

Ironing machines: ironing rollers and flatwork ironers

Ironing machines for industrial use are of two types: ironing rollers and flatwork ironers (ironing calenders and ironing rolls). Ironing calenders realize drying and ironing of linen pressing it to a big heated shaft. Ironing rolls do not dry, they only iron the linen and are noticeably smaller in size.

More in detail – in the section:
Ironing machines: ironing rollers and flatwork ironers











TheNovel Group Mini Laundry      Equipments for mini-laundries


At small hotels sometimes build not full-fledged laundry but a small one which consists of the following set: a washing machine of not big loading, drying machine and a small ironing system. We call this mini-laundry. It's the best way to get professional qualiry in small space for small money with big equipment life.

More in detail – in the section:
Equipments for mini-laundries





TheNovel Group finishing      Professional ironing boards and steam dummies (manikins)


Professional ironing boards form a composite system where there are different devices for professional ironing: shelves, iron with steam supply, auxiliary equipments.

More in detail – in the section:
Professional ironing boards, tables and steam manikins






Our companyis actively working with factories around the world andour dealers in the regions of Russia.You can contact any dealer at the numbers listed below.

Our English-languagee mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.">Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.


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Service and guarantee on equipments

The company carries out functions of the official dealer and after delivery meets its engagements before the client and the factory on the guarantee service. The company “Novel Group” lays the guarantee obligations upon itself on the whole spectrum of the equipments being offered. The guarantee service term according to the legislation of the Russian Federation is 12 months from the date of purchase. Guarantee obligations apply to additional services: installation, adjustment, connection, projection and setting-up of the equipment. If You order additional services simultaneously with the purchase of techniques, the time reckoning of guarantee obligations starts from the date of all balancing and commissioning works and putting into operation.

Guarantee obligations are rendered subject to the fulfillment of the following points:

- maintenance services of the equipment are carried out in accordance with all the conditions indicated in the operating instruction of the producer factory;

- safety of the identifying serial number of the producer factory, fastened on the case of the equipment;

- observance of rules of transportation, custody and putting into operation of the equipment;

- safety of the cheque, receipt or of other documents confirming Your purchase.

Guarantee obligations are cancelled in case:

- the presenc of mechanical and thermal-electric damages;

- damages having occurred as a result of circumstances of insuperable force, hitting in the mechanism of foreign objects, insects, rodents etc., as well as actions of third parties;

- breakages, having occurred after applying to outside service center.

The defective knots and details of the equipment are replaced or repaired free of charge during the period of the action of guarantee obligations.


Delivery of professional kitchen equipments

As it has already been mentioned above, the company “Novel Group” consists of several companies and regional dealers. The company WashMart.ru, which is a part of the group, deals mainly with the supply of kitchen equipments. The WashMart.ru kitchen equipments catalogue includes more than 3210 goods. Here are a few sections of our catalogues: industrial kneading machine, professional vegetable slicers, kitchen ranges, food kettles, broilers and bakehouses, professional dishwashers, professional refrigerating equipments, lines of dispensation of food, bar equipments, equipments for fast-food.


What else we would like to tell You?

The “Novel Group” is actively developing and looking for cooperation with the manufacturers of high-quality laundry equipments from any country. The motto of the company “Novel Group” is: NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM (Latin) – “Only the best is good enough”. We aim to provide our clients with more flexible solutions. The best solution is the flexible solution. We follow the latest tendencies in the field of professional laundry equipments and offer the most modern techniques along with the time-proved samples.  


Copyrights on brands and photo materials

All the brands used on our site have their owners and belong to corresponding companies. Copyrights on photo and other materials belong to the producer companies. On the given site all the materials are placed exceptionally for familiarization. The manufacturers reserve the right to themselves to change the technical characteristics and appearance of the equipment without warning.

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